Kalishila (Huge Shila of maa Saraswati )

Kalishila Temple, Ukhimath - Shakti Shila - Route & Mythology

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Kalishila is a Sacred Shrines, situated on an evaluation of 2350mt (7009 feet) from sea level in Ukhimat, Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Kalishila is not a Temple but it is a Shila (Big Stone) dedicated to Godess Kali. It is one among the 108 Sakti Peeth of Goddess Sati. One can reach here via Kalimath or Raulek. Raulek to Kalishila trek is much easier than the Kalimath to Kalishila trek.

Raunlake to Kalshila is about to 5Km trek and, it is very steep climb from the starting.

Kalishila Temple, Uttarakhand - Mythology of

The mythology of Kalishila temple has a very epochal in history of Hindu denomination says that once when all the Devas(Gods) were troubled by Asuras (Demons) mainly Shumbh, Nishumbha and Raktabeej. It was improbable to beat the asuras because one of them - Rakt beej had the ability to reproduce to one more demons from every drop of his blood, which touches the earth. Devas sought goddess Parvati's help. At this Parvati concentrate all her aggressive energy at one point, which gives birth to the Angry Goddess Kali. One point, which gave birth to the energy goddess Kali from the black rock, Kali took 3 leaps and reached Kalimath to face the asuras. On Parvati's direction Kali opened her mouth extremely wide and swallowed all the reproduced "clones" of Raktbeej demon, without spilling a drop of blood on earth.

This place is known to have the 64 Yantras of the Gods and Goddesses. A legend says, that Mata Kali also fought one more battle against the two demons, and slaughtered them with the power of the 64Yantras. The local dwellers of this area consider the village to be fortunate enough, as the legend states that Goddess Sati was reborn as Goddess Parvati in the Kalishila Shakti Peeth only.

Kalishila Travel Guide

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Kalishila is located near to Ukhimath and Guptkashi and it’s about to 8 Km from the main High way to Kedarnath and about to at a distance of 13 km from Ukimath. The town Ukhimath and Guptkashi has a number of tourist attractions nearby. Tourist can visit Chopta hill Station, Ukhimath Temple (Ushamath Temple – the winter seat of lord Kedarnath and Madmaheshwar), Deoriatal, and Sari Village, Makku Village,Guptkashi (Vishwanath Temple ),Trijuginarayan, and The Madmaheshwar Temple which is about to 15km from Raunlek Village from where the Kalishila trek Starts

How to Reach Kalishila Temple?

The Trek Starts from Raunlek Village or Kalimath And it is (Kalishila Temple) well connected by road from major cities of Uttarakhand. No direct bus or share taxi service for Kalimath or Raunlek from Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun.

Note: Best trek to Kalishila Temple is from Raunlek Village. So we will brief the here how to reach from major cities of Uttarakhand.

By Air- : Nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, which is about to 190km from Raunlek Village. There are few buses and taxis up to Ukhimath from Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun and one need to take a taxi to reach the pilgrimage from Ukhimath or can hire.

By Rail: The Nearest railway station is Rishikesh and Haridwar Railway stations to Visit this holy shrine. Haridwar is the best option that has frequent trains from all over cities of the country and it is easily accessible than Rishikesh railhead. From the Haridwar Railway Station, one can hire a cab to reach Ukhimath. And then can take a shared taxi or hire a local cab for Raunlek village from where the trek begins.

By Road : the most convenient and the easiest way to reach Kalishila Temple (Raunlek Village) is to go via road transport. There are few buses and taxis ply between the major towns and cities of the state up to the Ukhimath.

Kalishila Highlights

  • TEMP : May to June - 28℃Max/Min -15℃ & up to -3℃ in Jan & Feb.
  • Best time to visit Kalishila :(May to June and Sep-Nov.).
  • Kalishila Situated in:Raunlek,Ukhimath, Rudraprayag,India.
  • Recommended Stay : 1 Night
  • Nearest Railways Station : Rishikesh (245km)via Gopeshwar /Haridwar(260km)
  • Nearest Airport : (235km)Jolly Grant,Dehradun.via Dehradun
  • Kalishila is Famous for : Majestic beauty, Trek,and Scanic views, etc.

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