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Get information about 10+ things to do in Chopta for an extremely enjoyable trip in 2020

1: Trekking :

Trekking is the main activate in Chopta. You have to gain some altitude by trekking to experience the real beauty of Chopta hill station. These trek routes reach you at certain scenic spots.

Most of the tourists come to Chopta to, do Chandrashila trek. Tungnath trekking, Chandrashila trekking, Deoria Tal trekking are some suggested trekking routs in Chopta. These captivating treks go through some fascinating meadows, quieter villages, and alpine forests. All trek routes are easy to moderate grade. Chandrashila trek turns to strenuous during winter. Deoria Tal trek is the only trek accessible even during heavy snowfall.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time To Try: Throughout the year

Where To Try: Tungnath,Chandrashila, Deoriata, Bisudi Tal, Atri Fall and Ansuyamata Temple, Rudranath, .

Trekking in spring - on the way to tungnath chandrashila trek in april first week.
Chopta Highlights
  • TEMP : May to June - 25℃Max/Min -15℃ & up to -10℃ in Jan & Feb.
  • Best time to visit Chopta :(Sep-Jan)/(Feb-Jun).
  • Chopta Situated in:Ukhimath,Rudraprayag,India.
  • Recommended Stay : 4 Days and 3 Nights.
  • Nearest Railways Station : Rishikesh (190km)/Haridwar(220km)
  • Nearest Airport : (120km)Jolly Grant,Dehradun.
  • Chopta is Famous for : Scnic beauty, Treks - Tungnath,Chandrashila,Deoriatal,Ansuyamata etc.

Activities other than Trekking in Chopta

2: Chopta Mountain Biking: Embrace The Adrenaline Rush

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, as the wind swooshes past your ears and the bicycle fires your muscles. Off-road biking, through the dense forest, Chopta's hills require a skilled handling of bicycles and a sound experience of cycling on rough mountain tracks. Other then off-road cycling, one can enjoy downhill cycling in Chopta.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time To Try: All year round

Where To Try: Chota to Mohankhal Off road – it is almost to 15km off-road cycling. Or Downhill cycling from Chopta Station to Bhiri.

cycling in chopta tungnath , uttarakhand.

3: Rock climbing : Duggle bittha rock climbing

Chopta is one of the best places for rock climbing. Give those tired muscles a push and enjoy the adrenalin rush.Rock climbing involves climbing a slab of rock with the use of a rope and harness.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time To Try: River Crossing will be throughout the year except monsoon and Snow season.

Where To Try: Easy –Duggle Bittha, Tough - Bhulkan

A Adventure enthusiast doing rock climbing at chopta in uttarakhand.
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    4: Skiing : Play Around The Snow :

    Enjoy your snowy rendezvous with skiing, at the famous Chopta valley. Now after a trial of skiing in 2019 at Chopta, one of the most sought-after adventure sports, Skiing is offered by us ( along with prior assistance and short sessions.

    Adventure Level: Easy

    Best Time To Try: January End to and February

    Where To Try: Bugyal near Chopta staion, Bhera khark,etc.

    Tip: If it’s sunny, wear sunglasses. If it’s cloudy, wear goggles.

    Skiing in chopta - that is the best adventure in chopta during winter
    Jungle walk in Chopta- the diverse forest of chopta uttarakhand.

    5: Jungle Walk : Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Chopta has full of diverse flora and fauna. And the best thing to know about the alpine diverse jungle of Chopta is a jungle walk, which is a great place to hang out for nature worship and just walk for exercise. Its gaining popularity among tourist day by day. take an early morning stroll to find alpine herbs, different types of oke trees, funky fungi, huge tree ferns, and Devdar Trees. To know the nature of Chopta's evergreen dense forest, walk through it.

    Adventure Level: Easy

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year except in winter snowy season.

    Where To Try: Easy –Duggle Bittha , Bulkan – Mandal.

    6: Zip Line : have a adventure fun

    Now take your level of fun out of the box on to the ropes. The person is attached to a rope with pulleys, usually attached from the peak to the bottom. It allows, to slide of the rider from the peak height to the bottom level, without a pause of breath. We offer a zip line for Tourist in Chopta in a green canopy that adds the bit of the magnificent and soothing ethereal beauty of nature.

    Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate

    Best Time To Try: almost every month except the rani day and snowy season.

    Where To Try: In Duggle Bittha, Chopta.

    7: River Crossing Or Valley Crossing: Challenge Your Fears

    One of the activities in Chopta that is available throughout the year Except in monsoons and snow season. The different Valleys are present in Chopta and a River Mandakini River near Chopta helps in this sport for all the Adventure lover. It can be quite challenging as one has to cross the river Mandakini hanging from a rope.

    Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate

    Best Time To Try: River Crossing will be throughout the year in Mandakini River, except monsoon.

    Where To Try: River Crossing - Mandakini, Valley Crossing – in Chopta Valley

    Rope Activities - Flying fox for Small Childrens

    8: Bird Watching : Look the nature with close

    Chopta is a bird watcher's paradise. It is famous among birders for the sighting of Monal, Koklass, and Cheer pheasant. Sighting of Monal is common in this area. November -December, and March to the end of April is the time to sights of this beautiful bird.

    March to June is generally the best time for birding in Chopta, as many places receive migratory birds that are attracted by the warmer weather of India's subtropical climate. In order to maximize bird sightings, go very early in the morning and/or around sunset. Click here to know about the - Checklist of birds of Chopta.

    Type of Activities: Easy and Nature Friendly

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year except in Monsoon

    Where To Try: within 60km around Chopta.

    9: Tree Climbing –: Be a jungle

    Tree climbing in Chopta is a recreational or functional Adventure activity. It is one of the best adventure activities that can be done in Chopta, consist of ascending in the crown of giant alpine trees of Chopta. We always give priority to the safety of our clients and use rope, helmet, and harness to ensure the safety of the climber.

    Type of Activities: Easy

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year except in Monsoon and Snowy season.

    Where To Try: Can be done anywhere in Chopta.

    10: Rappelling: Take a Thrill

    Mountain rappelling is slowing gaining its popularity as one of the adventure sports in Chopta. In mountain rappelling you have to climb down a rock surface with the help of ropes. The rock surface will be amidst of the madly falling water, if you are doing rappelling along with a beautiful fall.

    Type of Activities: Easy

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year except in Monsoon and snowy season.

    Where To Try: Duggle Bittha.

    11: Jumaring : Build a skill

    Jumaring is a very unusual adventure for climbers. It involves climbing up a rope via Jumars. These Jumars are a kind of clamps attached with a handle that helps in moving freely up a clipped rope and locks down on the application of certain downward pressure. This rope exercise is quite popular among children and climbers who enjoy climbing challenges in Chopta. And it is also a part of rock craft.

    Type of Activities: Easy

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year except in Monsoon and Snowy season.

    Where To Try: Can be done at duggle bittha, in Chopta.

    10: One Night Outdoor camping with self cooking experience: Witness A Thousand Stars After The Sun Sets

    Camping is an outdoor activity that includes staying overnight in a shelter, in a tent away from home, or in the luxury Tents. here we are going to try to give a camping experience, in which a tourist can learn how to pitch a tent, and experience the cooking with some adventure activities in an isolated place away from crowed in a resort or a Luxury tents.

    Camping in the outdoors has always captured the imagination of all generations. People stay in tents away from the luxury of city life in the wild with friends and family. Usually, participants abandon a comfortable daily environment to enjoy the outdoors in more natural areas. A minimum of an overnight stay will be considered "camping" which will distinguish between day trips, picnics, and other recreational activities that are similarly short term. One can enjoy all four seasons of Camping in Chopta. We are providing isolated camping for those in Chotpa, who want to spend a night in the jungle and also not interested in doing long trekking.

    Type of Activities: Easy

    Best Time To Try: Throughout the year.

    Where To Try: Can be done at besides a small river or in amidst forest of Chopta.

    11: Angling : Catch Your Own Seafood

    angling in Mandakini River is a best activities for those who love it.

    12: Hiking : Stroll Amidst the Nature

    Amidst an assortment of adventure trip in Chopta, Hiking allows to soak in the beauty of serene landscapes. Also, hiking provides a perfect opportunity for availing the experience of camping in Chopta.

    Some Hikes in Chopta are : Pothi to Baniyakund hike, Pingla pani river hike, Lamba Tal hike , Pothi water fall hike with river day spend .

    Adventure activities in Chopta - a girl trying to rappel down from a rock in Chopta - activities done by Magpie camp
    Obstacle activities in Magpie chopta - A girl crossing a burma bridge in Chopta
    Outdoor one night camping in alpine camp in chopta