Corona virus Outbreak - the Impact on Chopta tourism in Uttarakhand- The district administration released an order a ban on group tours in tourist places Chopta and Sari.

Corona virus Outbreak - the Impact on Chopta tourism in Uttarakhand

Administration of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand on Tuesday (17 March) decided to ban the entry of group tours, as a precautionary step to stop coronavirus from spreading. With this order, the tourism industry of Chopta will witness a lockdown till “further orders”. if Visitors will stop coming. For a guide like this young man and other hotels and camp owners, who depend upon Chopta tourism. In future, no tourists mean no money.

Hoteliers Vishwanath, Manoj, Pradeep, Dinesh, and Bharat said that about 80% of the bookings have been canceled. he effect of which has also affected local and state economies. Its direct effect is being seen in employment. The Camp, Hotels and restaurant owner in Chopta is forced to retrench his staff.

However, since the last 10 days, thousands of small businesses, hotels, resorts, food dhabas, etc, have been experiencing a ‘slowdown’. Sensing the gravity of the ongoing situation, the hotel & Camp Association in Chopta decided to close its establishments from Wednesday.

The tourism season picks up in the state with the onset of spring and goes on to the end of summer. March so far has been dull for the industry and the coming weeks offer no hope.

The tourism industry had experienced a bad phase till 2015 after the Kedarnath disaster killed over 5,000 people in June 2013. According to the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) estimates, the tourism industry then experienced losses to the tune of Rs 12,000 crore.

Also know about that festive day, on which announcement takes place for opening the kapat of Tungnath.

यह भी जानिए कब भगवान तुंगनाथ के कपाट खुलेंगे और कब बंद होंगे कौन सी तिथि और पर्व को होती है इसकी घोषणा ? और कौन करता है इसका निर्धारण ?

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