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    FAQs of Chopta - Frequently asked questions of tourist about Deoriatal Chopta Tungnath Trek

    There are numerous query in your mind while you are planning a trip to Chopta,Tungnath,Uttarakhand. To insure that all arrangements are alright and your trip goes smoothly , we have briefing the answers of mostly asked questions for Chopta. We are providing here the right and genuine information about Chopta as we are here from Chopta only. Get all your solutions to your queries with choptatour Travel Help Desk.

    The highest elevation we will trek to will be 4090 mts.

    In summers: The weather of Chopta remains salubrious during summers. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breeze can felt early in the morning and in the late evening.

    In Monsoon Chopta turns greener during the monsoon season. Although trekking becomes challenging and there are chances of getting roads blocked for a couple of hours due to landslides, the scenic beauty of Chopta during monsoons is worth taking the risk for.

    In Winters, the region gets blanketed in snow during the winter season and the accommodation options are also restricted to few. But Chopta looks the best during winters and indeed the trek becomes more difficult.

    Tungnath trek’s difficulty level ranges between easy to moderate although, a good fitness level should be good for an easy and convenient trek.(click to see how to prepare for a trek)

    For Chopta Tungnath –Chandrashila trek you have to trek almost 10km (up and down) to see sightseeing from Chandrashila. For Deoriatal trek almost 6km (up and down. For Atrifall and Ansuya Mata Trek, you have to do a trek of 12km (both sides).

    For girls, Chopta Tungnath trek is extremely safe. Choptatour has highest regards for women safety and will ensure that they're safe during the entire trek. If there is only one girl in the trip, then she will be provided with single tent to sleep alone. If there are more girls, then they can sleep under one tent. Always make sure that you are never left on your own. Understand your pace and be with the group.

    Yes, sudden weather changes are expected; always carry a light raincoat or waterproof windcheater/poncho with you.

    The best time to visit Chopta Tungnath is between March and June and Sep to Dec with family. By the way Chopta is round the year destination. Snow trek during winter.

    This trek is fairly easy. But it makes a lot of sense to spend some time before coming on a trekking holiday getting some additional exercise. Click here to see our fitness guide for you.

    Clothes : Track pants, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, thermal wear, gloves, socks, cap, and raincoat or ponchos.

    Footwear : A pair of slippers and hiking shoes with proper ankle support.

    Eateries : Glucose, chocolates, biscuits, and nuts along with a couple of water bottles. Avoid taking plastic bottles.

    Personal kit : Original ID card, medical kit, towel or handkerchief.

    Other : Backpack with rain cover, torch with extra batteries, UV sunglasses and sunscreen lotion (SPF should be minimum 50).

    You should carry high-ankle trekking shoes with waterproof in Winter. And Normal sports shoes will be good during summer with good grip.

    Only Jio mobile networks is working now in Chopta’s treks. Vodafone, airtel and BSNL are work during the trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila and Vodafone and Jio are mobile networks that work at Deoriatal.

    Yes, it is possible to cover the Tungnath trek in the month of January too but you should remember that you have to have snow gears and weather would play a huge role in the duration of completing the same. There are many tourists who cover the Chopta trek in January — but check the weather and you should have the snow equipments like snow boot, snow jacket and pant.

    The Chopta Tungnath trekking distance is 3.5 kms. The time span required to cover this path ranges from 2-2.5 hours or its depend upon you too. There are plenty of buildings, shacks and dhabas available here so you can be assured of getting rest and hot food for food please give and order in advance before darshan .

    Big yes, you can. The trek length to Tugnath Chandrashila is about 5km from Chopta Starting point and it is easy to trek. But we suggest please do not do it alone in the early morning time and come down before sunset and don’t do the trek in winter season. It lies under KWS (Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary), and has many mammals in the jungle. After closing the kapat of Lord Shiva, the movement of the people decreases, as it increases the movement of animals around the track, that might be dangerous for a solo trekker.

    Yes, you can manage it. But Don’t try to do both the treks Tungnath-Chandrashila and Deoriatal in a single day because, This decision will prove to be very tired of you. And if you manage it in any way, then you will feel that you have missed a lot, for which you came to the mountains.

    Yes, the Chandrashila trek is open almost through the year until and unless there is a chance of heavy snow or if there has already been heavy snow.

    At such times, you needed snow gears and some time government can temporary restrict to go to Chandrashila. But in general the trek remains open through the year.