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Deoriatal,Chopta in Spring

The spring season in Chopta extends from March to mid-April are great experience pleasant weather with breathtaking views of the valley. These months are fairly pleasant in Chopta and are the right months for indulging in leisure outdoor.

In Chopta you get a pleasant feeling as well as a mixed feeling in the spring season, because, one side where the snow remains on the Tungnath-Chandrashila track, and on the other side the flowers of different colors of rhododendron start blooming, and this diverse color makes the Chopta Valley very beautiful and, can say, generate a mixed feeling in you.

Chopta Highlights

  • TEMP : March & April - 20℃Max/Min 8℃
  • Is Spring is best time to visit Chopta : Yes it is .
  • Recommended Stay in Spring : 4 Days and 3 Nights.

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Why visit Chopta in Spring?

Chotpa Hill Station - This View of Chopta,uttarakhand during the spring.

In the spring, there is a slight relief from the cold weather and while there are not too many heatwaves at that time, we can say that the weather is very pleasant to visit in Chopta during the spring. In the spring, while the evergreen forest can be seen in Chopta, apart from that, it seems that the Himalayas have worn their new crown of snow or silver.

Apart from all these scenes, the beauty of Chopta in the spring that takes four moons, are the three types of rhododendron flowers that bloom here. It appears like that, Lord Shiva has painted its forests with pink color and this view is amazing in itself.

Chopta- Tungnath, Chandrashila trek in spring

Trekking in spring - on the way to tungnath chandrashila trek in april first week.

While pink flowers bloom in lower places of Chopta, the other side the valley is filled with white and purple flowers in the upper part of Chopta. Along with this, one can easily get the opportunity to see the Himalayan bird during the trek to Tungnath Chandrashila, which is also the state bird of Uttarakhand.

In spring, a sheet of snow is present on the Chandrashila peak and the snow-clad Himalayan peaks are in full swing due to heavy snowed in winter. In spring, a sheet of snow is present on the Chandrashila peak and the snow-clad Himalayan peaks are in full swing due to heavy snowed in winter. And this view from Chandrashila makes your trekking amazingly unique.

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